Fashion is an industry that is built on intentional ignorance and lack of moral responsibility, with 61% of companies not aware of where their clothing is made.

Where labourers from 12 years old earn the lowest manufacturing wages in the world, and work 12 – 18 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sadly, You already know what we’re about to show you

For too long people have known about the terrible abuse of workers in the fashion industry without companies providing any real alternatives.

The bright lights of the fashion industry don’t shine into the dark room where it’s made.


We’re tired of:

“Fashion for an adventurous lifestyle”
“Fashion that empowers you”.

We don’t believe in these marketing.

Fashion labels constantly deceive their customers with fancy marketing lines, then proceed to have their clothing made in abhorrent sweatshops and factories across Asia, exploiting developing economies for cheap labour and non-existent worker’s rights.

At Saint Paris only one line gets us hyped.

Designed Globally. Made Ethically.


This survey is to help us understand what the world
knows about the current fashion industry, and how we can improve it.

Do you think large fashion retailers do enough to ensure that the workers they utilize for production are fairly paid?

Would you be willing to pay a small premium knowing that this would go towards producing clothing in an environmentally sustainable way, and improving the welfare of the workers in these environments?

How many companies are you aware of that produce clothing ethically?

How important is the country in which your clothing is made in, to you?

Is the design and exclusivity of a piece of clothing more important to you than the label?

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